Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Observer in blog-tweet read

The Observer in tweet read. Call it the power read (skim, stop, speed read, digest)
Obama Show hits London - I caught Clinton's UK visit once. Obama's GSummit visit razzmatazz n all will bring London to a halt. As the article says, when President Obama travels, a small city - part of Washington and the mobile White house comes with him.

Myspace nosedives. They've been forecasting its demise since it begun, but now, er now, The Observer speaks of how Facebook etc are picking of members. Message in a bottle: everything has a shelf life. How long till twitter slays Facebook. No wait, Facebook has already gone on the offensive changing its interface recently to mimicking Tweet. Watch out for Life-Work, a new network that manages you.

Suicide kit £35. Combination drugs that help you call it a day. Grim but for euthanasia advocates about time. Life the price of a pair of sneakers.

Tweet chef recipe:) Recipes in Tweets. Now c'mon this makes no sense. Here goes my own. Rice n peas:
Soak kidney beans day. boil, add to boiling rice. Chop onions, add tomatoes, spices and curry paste. Roast chicken legs with stew paste. EAT..

Trust who, BBC vs Blogger: Nick Cohen pours over the inevitability of now: the Net pummeling journalism citing Clay Shirky's example of Alisara Chirapongse, thai fashion student whom turned her hand to hard journalism during Thailand's 2006 Military coup.

"In this time of upheaval", Cohen says " the BBC has a public duty to invest and broadcast he journalism that others can't afford. It is failing spectacularly to live up to its responsibilities".

* Next week I'm at the BBC talking with one of its top execs, so will loop this as a pick up interview.

The above were came off the back of tweets from reading The Observer. So long as there are great writers and strong stories, I'll lay akimbo reading.