Saturday, March 14, 2009

Digital media mania melodrama

I have got it. I knew I had the symptoms listening to the speakers talk about design for the New York Times and not getting it.

(Doh it was not that talk. 5.25 now.. the seminar I'm listening to is very engaging.)

The not getting it has nothing to do with the speakers, for in the vice grip of digital media mania melodrama there's nothing you can do.

Essentially it's overload. The melodrama is me metaphorically whipping my hair back in slow motion, except that I don't have any hair. But you get the point.

What does it mean to design for sub communities, asks a delegates. Are there values different asks one of the speakers in reconciling the question.

No matter, digital media mania melodrama prevents any rational links within my own discursive thoughts.

SXSW is a beast of an event. If it were farming the twitter feeds as WeMedia were doing a fortnight ago, I'm pretty certain they'd be in the number one spot.

So to y discombobulated demeanor - the product i fear of terminal jet lag and the steep climb down from the andrenalin rush of presenting this morning.

Saturday, and the small matter of social networking will, must now work its way. Question is will I be of any use. Digitmani can lead one to not just cease to understand what's going on, but respond with a stream of gibberish.

Yep, and that's reflected in this post. I need some sleep !

? One the one hand the values are around social conformity.