Saturday, March 07, 2009

Gap Man - hahaha

Forgive me the indulgence, cuz I won't repeat this. All a bit surreal this, but I expressed an interest to capture an urban, grunge style of videojournalism.

At various talks I have always called videojournalism, getting down and dirty, the photojournalist with the movie camera.

Then David Berman from Sitbonzo, an amazing photographer, with his equally astounding crew stepped in. [ HIRE HIM.. HIRE HIM]

I'll be profiling David and his work soonish. I managed to sneak a few video shots during the shoot. And apparently during a break in the shoot when I wanted to move my car, for fear of it being nicked, plus it was freezin, so needed a jumper, David and crew recorded a message on my camera. Haven't seen it yet.

So back to David and crew. David's got that arts director eye, works extremely fast and with the crew we had a fab time as I pretended I was Jay-z.

So Yeawh Phrew I became the model. Go on laugh. I did, a lot.

If you can ignore the bloke in the middle, which negates the point of the shoot [Oh you you know what I mean] this is Gap man goes video journalism.

p.s Hey I'm wearing Nike's [ product endorsement... product endorsement... No I didn't get paid.. Nike email I'm not expensive LOL)

If you're going to be at SXSW, See you there. Otherwise this morning I'm speaking at the NUJ.

Pictures copyright courtesy of David Berman