Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Images from SXSW

A few images from SXSW

IM videojournalism is NOT I am videojournalism!! but .. you get the idea


I walked into the Green Room - where the presenters are destressed before their talk. Everyone around me had friends and family - sort of kumbaya moments.

Are you by yourself, a kind SXSW volunteer asked.

Gulp, er yeah! So what next, I asked

OK, I'll come get you at about quarter to ten

I nodded, then quickly added nervously , er could you make that half past I have a few things to set up.

( blimey she must a thought. Who do you think you are? Ridley Scott. You're only doing a talk, not setting up scene with a 1000 extras)

Here for talk

Here for the meme diagram I conceived a week earlier for the talk

So much to read, how do you find the time to attend conferences?

What's in the goody bag?


A whole shelf of magazines. Truthfully I couldn't bring anywhere near as many as I wanted with me back to London, so I left them for room service. Not sure they'll read em either.

Hide and Seek

Whos's hiding behind the Mac?

We went to a talk, Karyn an editor from New Riders and me. We'd already been discussing a book. I wanted to remember the moment. You know, if/when the book materialises, this is where I started that anguishing climb to write and write and write.

I put my camera on auto 10 secs, placed it on the chair in front. Karyn was chatting merrily away and then as it hit a second countdown, she ducked. LOL

The last post.
Tucked away in a corner all by my lonesome. I am a sad figure. I wrapped up my last post. To my right is the entrance to the SXSW trade fare.

I'd just finished filming/interviewing Henry Jenkins ( Convergence Culture) and Dan Willis ( fab designer)

My last twitter was something like - thanks everybody for great 72 hours. It's been great and I have really enjoyed it. And you're all in my heart and on my birthday wishes and will cherish you next to my bosom.

It was too long to go on twitter!