Saturday, March 28, 2009

New Media versus Old Media. Wise guys

New Media versus Old Media. Colleague Rob Ojok told me a story that I have reworked.

Editor of a newspaper at a conference gets indignant at a young new media guy telling him about what's wrong with the newspaper.

Editor: "What do you know.... Tell you what if ask me anything about our company and if I can't reply I'll give you $100. I'll ask you something about new whatever and if you fail, you pay me $5."

New media guy nods.

Editor: "Why can't an RSS feed provide me with the grab headline, pic for the story that would have originally done the same for me in my newspaper?"

New Media guy ( mumbles under breath... "that's not the point &^%@*") Hands over $5.

The audience cheer

New Media guy: "If the economy continued on last year's growth trajectory, could you forecast as I have done to the nearest thousand dollars, what impact AIG would have made on your company's earnings?"

Editor ( looking baffled): "Er, what...!" then smiles and takes out 100 dollars and hands over to the young new media guy.

Audience animated, and rowdy....

After it all calms down.

Editor: "Ok bright spark, tell us all here. What's the answer?"

Young New Media guy gets up, walks over to the panel, digs into his pocket and hands over $5.

Audience silenced...

Moral : There isn't any other than. We don't always know the answers, but it doesn't pay to be a smart Alec pretending you do. Cuz there's always someone else out there smarter, even when they don't have the abs solution.