Monday, March 16, 2009

Blogging and the ideas hub

If blogging is about sharing new ideas then I couldn't have hoped for a far better outcome from attending sxsw.

In fact SXSW is an ideas hub.

On the last day, I interviewed Henry Jenkins - an extraordinary thinker- whose book Convergence Culture wraps up so many new media theories.

Transmedia is a favourite in his must-read book ( I cite it within my Phd draft bibliography).

I fully echo jenkin's them of building "huts around the house". So Hollywood does the film, then collapses a whole load of media around it. In my presentation on IMVJ this is how I advocate producing video journalism.

Then I had a chance to meet Dan Willis - another expansive thinker. His point is that everything on the web is a deriative of print.

It's such a clear unabmigious argument and he connects so many dots in what we could be doing, though he's not prescriptive.

I interviewed him for about 20 mins. This will be fun.

City jog
This morning I went for another jog - this time with my super 8mm camera. There's some truly nice break-a-dawn images that I came across. I hope I got the exposure right on the cam.

The Brits were out in force this year - a point made by the festival organiser, Hugh Forrest. The major presence was the Department of Trade and Digital Britain.

I'd live to ahve talked to them, but they seemed busy most of the time, and you know what it's like when another brit voice accosts them with the seeming desire for representation. :(

But I had a great session and ever so often would be stopped to talk to one of the delegates, many of whom I sat down with afterwards and talked more about film and video journalism.

I'm going to try and convince my Uni that it should have a presence here next year.

I will most definately be cutting a film from here, so look forward to sharing that with you.

So from me here in Austin Texas -SXSW. It's toloos.