Saturday, September 11, 2010

A tipped hat from Brian Storm of media storm

I don't do compliments very well. If you're doing something you truly love, then the demons and angels are between you and yourself. You become your worst critic. That said I'm grateful to anyone for the conversation to share thoughts.

In Miami last year Brian Storm of media storm was one such encounter. You don't need me to tell you their brand status - a true powerhouse in the new age of multimedia journalism.

So I truly was taken aback when inside one of my questions he started to talk about my work. It's always heartening when anyone does that. That's the strange power of the web.

In broadcasting you took it in your stride: I'm only doing my work. In digital times, one's reach is somewhat farther - though that it self is a fallacy.

I had four odd memorable years sharing ideas with the Press Association and its videojournalism programme. And once in a while an ol student will ping me to share their aspirations. All good, really, all good.

I guess if we limeys could do it better, we'd be more outgoingly expressive of compliments - some how it's not quite cricket. But the odd reflection now and then can't hurt.

You can find Brian's interview on viewmagazine here

p.s Brian if you this crosses your eyes I'm still trying to get hold of you :)