Thursday, April 02, 2009

what you did next?

Mid year recuperation. Not out of the woods yet.

The second semester is like a vice. Some times the students think they have it bad. I compound my diary by my own studies. Actually I'm into learning the new, but the modules on research... ughh!

Sometimes I think I'm the drill seargent in Officer and a Gentleman, except I'm feeble and there's no slugfest ( heaven's forbid) in any ring.

But the recurring message over the years wears on the synapses. Exhaustion isn't really it, more as Denzel Washington's character Cready said in Man O fire: "I wish I had more time".

Lately, I have taken to uploading more of my vids. On ocassions I catch myself out thinking about broadcasting, only fleetingly though, because unless it's punditry or autonomy, it's pretty difficult rolling with commission deadlines and night edits.

If you could only define your own job. In fact you can. I have. Stuart ( Apple) when are we meeting.

Broadcasting certainly isn't what it used to be and is changing by the season. It's a great time to be a trainee producer, just to be part of the new discourse, but it's equally precarious.

It's equally an extraordinary time being in academia helping to shape new ideas. One of my students reading my palms, yes reading my palms says I have more learning to do.

I can do that. Meanwhile: "I wish I had more time". When's the deadline for this book again??