Friday, April 03, 2009

Did you know -"Did you know"?

The people who put this together should be congratulated. For at the v least it's a conversation point to interrogate some of their claims and the verification of that or otherwise should get us re-aligning ourselves.

That much is already going on. The G20s's widely reported success in their final communique is in part because the Asian countries had the capacity to play an active part.

It's a while since I visited Chatham House, which I have been a member of for some 15 years, but the org will have been tracking issues like this for a long long while to influence their international relations agenda.

China for instance becoming the largest English speaking country presents a dynamic, hitherto not fully comprehensible.

But the UK knows something, I attended an international seminar on this, that by 2012 the number of international students from China is likely to fall, and with it the foreign currency the UK accrues from students.

If anything the West has a strong motive now to discourage mercantilism and self-interests as illustrated at the recent G20 summit.

I recently was emailed by an international PR group who tell me, and I have no reason not to believe from their figures, that international language websites are the fastest growing on the web, outstripping English language.

So China or India can have their cake and eat it too, either communicating in any number of their native languages and also through English. Either way this has implications for commerce.

Did you know? it's probably a good time to.