Friday, April 10, 2009

VideoJournalism - the art of

Videojournalism on

It would be simple enough to assume videojournalism is an outright extension of TV news journalism, just as printing was initially thought to be nothing more than a medium to expand one's teachings.

But it misses the point that plugged into the environment, armed with a camera, you're across the myriad operas that surround you.

To be capable of hearing visuals, seeing sound, being empathetic with your canvas, affords the video journalism I have come to practice and teach that bit more credibility it deserves as an art form.

Viewmagazine's David on The Videojournalism Manifesto Redux and how Vj is being used to produce international programmes.

I'm going to be on and offline intermittently for a while as I'm involved in a related project to my thesis which involves one of the largest creative content providers in Europe.

I believe the outcome/findings will be kinda cool for the art/science of solo Vjism.
When I'm back in the swing of things, hopefully I'll have the interviews up with Nelson Mandela at a press conference, Louis Farrakhan the Nation of Islam and how we made the Obama film.