Thursday, April 16, 2009

VideoJournalism CV, Global Training and Thanks visit map

Thought I'd take time out to say thank you for your company. It's easy to take the web for granted now, but this map illustrates how far and near you've come to pop by and share in some of the debates and, sorry, the odd pontificate.

David Dunkley Gyimah -Videojournalism Trainer from david dunkley gyimah on Vimeo.

I'm not posting as frequently as I can, but as the summer draws near and I look forward to the traveling, sometimes to conferences to talk, or training, please allow me to post here a video CV.

It's fairly dated, (2006/7) for the speed of change in web and videojournalism standards, but hopefully it should provide a snap shot of my past. For more up to date info please visit

If you're interested in talking or exploring some ideas do drop me a line at Look forward to hearing from you.

Talks and debates

1. David in conversation at the Front line Club with Christiane Amanpour about future TV and the web

Radio and podcasts

2. The pressures in international reportage reporting Radio and TV. How do you perform fast turn arounds sometimes with no time to think? What are some of the techniques which can also be transfered to videojournalism.

  • a. Clip of report whether South Africa will have an election and rid itself of Apartheid

  • b. Various clips from presenting BBC radio in London, national radio's 4 and 5 and reporting for the BBC World Service

  • c. Working as an Associate Producer for ABC News. Just how do the US networks do things differently from UK media?

Multimedia and International Relations
Britain's leading think tank in international relations and diplomacy and which coined the phrase after its name, Chatham House. Its sister organisation which it shares much in common is the Council for Foreign Relations ( US).

Chatham House rules when invoked request that name, identity and affiliation of the speaker is not revealed.

I have been a member of the think tank for 15 years and am a firm believer in its ethos. Here in an extended interview I'm about to interview the director. Previously produced a range of multimedia promos for them.