Friday, April 17, 2009

Use the web for this Gov.20

Looks Brill. FAB
Former student of mine, talented videojournalist Matan emailed me.

"Us Now

A film project about the power of mass collaboration, government and the internet"

This is why I got into film and then videojournalism story telling to break free of reductionist 8 calories newsbite. Take a big subject, Nat Geo in scale and go at it.

In some respect this isn't easy. It employs metronome and a skilled visualist, but it's what videojournalism producing/directing was born to do.

Rip out and create your own agendas via the use of charges, character development, sub arcings - all terms that might be anathema at first.

I'm not here to steal US Now's thunder, but it reminds me of a programme. BBC Reportage circa 1991, when as young film makers we were playing with MTV's accelarated form. This is about Crime

Many of the film makers here have gone off to make top flight shows today.

Right! back to this film. I hope USNow continue in this vein. There are many more of these that need to be made and the resources lie in the hands of those with the passion and commitment: and the doc-feature skillset. Give me a call :)