Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What's in your field of sight?

In a bid to put some distance from colleagues [ I have got a cold] I holed up in our new shiny MM studio.

And whilst browsing blogs Instapundit [v.interesting piece on a school boy suspended for wearing an "Obama-Terrorist" t-shirt and then flitting over to Wonkette and then Andrew Sullivan, I got distracted.

I looked up and in my field of vision was the television set to a news channel blurting out today's news of importance.

Of course I changed the channel as I wanted something else and got more of the same just different shirt, different coloured dress.

I'm not underscoring the importance of news, I avidly watch it from time to time.

I'm questioning this thing - television quarantined to a few samey channels - the premium channel still reigning supreme.

So how far are we away from revolutionising the screen to reflect something more in tune with our liking.

We all visit a number of blogs everyday, which gets me asking"

When do some of the bloggers I like, get to present their own shows,which I can flick to, cuz frankly the news belt could be any ones?

Of course it's feasible now to a degree ( youtube embed), but given the explosion in blog comms and publicty, in netcasting terms there's relatively little ingenuity here.

Trouble is the model for this creation is tied to existing TV formats, but could there be an alternative?

I think so and may involve a carnival of blogs to set up something like that. Mmnm!

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