Friday, September 26, 2008

Academic multimedia lecture rooms - what's the blue print?

So here it is, the academic multimedia lecture room

Less geared to the concentric spatial approach, but an array of screens, which at any time can be independent of each other.

The primary facing screen can be replicated across four others.

Skypes and Ichats are intended to come off the back of live news broadcast where the editor will give us a couple of minutes for students to ask questions.

Oh and I'm told I can in a kafkaesque flick of a switch control every one's screen.

[Moral outrage and indignation follows]

Ok I didn't say I would do that.

Incidentally one door away in googleesque, down play fashion is the anti room - a sort chill out space with movable chairs and tables that can be built like Lego into an array of seating configurations

But the question is what should the multimedia lecture room look like?

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