Monday, September 29, 2008

Trends in newsroom 2008 - superb

Whether you're a journalism educator, media exec or media watcher, here's something you should try and get your hands on: Trends in newsroom 2008 .

I had mistakenly thought it was one of the many conference give aways, from when I attended WAN, but I have been worming through over the past month and it is quite frankly a superb narrative of the changing landscape with a who's who of what they're doing and how.

Often reports can be too centric, the West, Europe etc. This report takes a broad scope and delivers some pertinent, as well as early warning signs of further change ahead.

It does cost 250 Euros, I have just discovered, but if you're an outfit, that's hardly anything to quibble.

Simply a good buy. I'll add some more notes on the contents later.

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