Sunday, September 28, 2008

Videos Online - future standards

It wasn't too long ago that we were crying out for a greater experience online. Constricted pipes prevented anything approaching 100kp downloads.

The magic number by technologists was 8mb download speeds, which would enable us to watch lives stream - mirroring the data rate of tvs' stream. has already cracked that, with a fair few other ISPs; the experience of watching online may not quite be television but its creeping closer.

And yes whilst the two are not the same, I firmly believe the experience of watching a film at 640X480 or more outstrips 320X240.

You only have to watch an Apple trailer at different sizes to get the point or less Holly wood Studio Vincent Laforet which I came across on Angela Grant's superb videographer - posted by Dan Chung.

Or please do have a look at Hillman Curtis' new stuff who uses prime lenses to achieve such great shallow depths of field.

Consumer end, we're getting there. Most of the movies I can now post will make it around 950x540 with file sizes as low as 25mb thanks to the supreme compression in the h264 codec.

This morning I posted some of the films that reflect, I hope, a more appreciative viewing experience, as well as what I use VJ for: news, docs, commercials, long format programmes and corporates.

As videojournalism matures, full quality screen will become the norm; granted grainy news worthy images will still take pride of place, but with new camera-lens technology, the experience is about to go up several notches.

Journalism is about to get more visceral.

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