Monday, September 15, 2008

The global entertainment show - VJ way

I'm smashed.

Spent the afternoon honoring a shoot for against a backdrop of other work.

The mission?

Filminute wants to develop its aggregated content into a fully fledged show, with the added caveat of making it "edgy" using the VJ Way, shot on a competitive budget.

I'd previously advised on some drop-in segments from the filminute team in various regions around the world.

Those were segued into a show format devised with one of the show's executive.

Then time to record some links to bump against the core content of the show; the finalist for this year's comp.

Their key partner, Selfridges has built a customised cinema in the store's lounge showing the films on a loop, which provided some good appropriate backdrops.

That went on for best part of the afternoon, with the show's exec proving to be an adept presenter.

Job done.

My rucksack, despite a huge improvement on my previous life in broadcast where we'd be hauling around blondes and redheads ( rigging lights), mini jib, digibeta, and vinten tripods etc., still felt like a sack of potatoes.

Though I might put that down to the hardback books, the equivalent of an A1 slabs, I had been carrying to varsity to devise new modules in multimedia.

I'd been looking forward to catching my Phd colleague, Dr Rachel Armstrong, presenting on her cytoplasmic theory, but for the life of me couldn't find the venue on Tottenham Court Road, somewhere called The Store.

Then there was a cataclysmic breakdown in the trains on the way home, which resulted in a circuitous series of buses.


I'll post some shots from the shoot over the weekend when I get to edit it.

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