Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A tribute to the humble radio magician - Nigel Acheson

I'd like to apologize in advance, for my postings are more often than not specific to video and news, but today please forgive the imposition.

I have belatedly learned that someone whom I have the greatest admiration for, whom just by observing, whose generosity taught me about the human condition and the magic of radio has passed away.

Loftus production's Nigel Acheson
wasn't just an award winning producer, but one of the nicest people you'd meet anywhere let alone the media.

It's very likely wherever you are in the world if you're a fan of radio, you would have heard one of his company's many, many programmes.

As a jobbing freelance journalists you'll know what it's like finding your next job- near impossible.

But a call from one of my mentors to Nigel would result in lunch and a meet with Yasmin Alibhai-Brown.

Yasmin, a high profile commentator, was to due to chair two discussion programmes for BBC Radio 4.

Would I be interested in being the researcher, asked Nigel

Would I?

I leapt at it

It was an incredible experience and I was all the richer for it because Nigel was so supportive, and OMG I got paid.

On occasion I'd find an email in my inbox from Nigel about coming over for a barbecue he was organising.

You simply had to go and I did.

The obit I have just read from the Independent brought a wry smile. And even though you may not have known him, this extract I have pulled, I hope will lead you to read more.

He simply was the way we should all be, irrespective of who we are, what we do, and how well we do.

Our thoughts go out to him and those he loved.

"Acheson would have smiled gently if he had read these tributes and suggested that perhaps there was an element of exaggeration in them for, as Matt Thompson also said, "Nigel was not a flash person, nor was he a flash producer." But he would have been pleased to be remembered above all as a radio producer." More here

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