Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Newsnight's star stand-in editor, Jasmin Bhuttar

Pics of Jasmin Bhuttar taken from a video camera from David visiting Peter Barron before he left his role as editor to join Google.

I'm pressing
Jasmin on a question and she's not going to budge answering it. Re-edit interview soon.

These are possibly the first glimpses of the very talented and guarded, acting Newsnight editor Jasmin Bhuttar who's standing in after Peter Barron was headhunted by Google.

I'll be posting about Newsnight, which appeared in this week's Guardian.

I worked on the programme when I was starting off my broadcast career.

In the runnings for editor include Daniel Pearl,
deputy editor of the 10 O'Clock News and Eddie Morgan, an ex-Newsnight staffer.

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