Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wired Journalism - The Game Changers

The Daily Telegraph is in bouyant mood. Its website traffic is outstripping its UK competitors it says.

It's a far cry from the news item you can watch me presenting as a newsreader in 1994 in which the Telegraph attracted 30,000 readers.

A senior exec tells viewmagazine.tv how they've become a leading multimedia provider.

And we bring you an exclusive short film about its new super journalists: 12 young men and women picked from arround 800 applicants, trained over a period of a year in the broad spectrum of traditional and new wired journalism.

It leads me to ask in our special journalism-academia section, what today is journalism?

Does this confluence of multi skills show us how broken traditional journalism is in coping with today's newsgathering and more pluralistic story telling demands? And how well is academia and training sectors doing in nurturing the new journalists?


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