Sunday, April 13, 2008

Cultural eXchanges - fusing media practioners and artisans' social academic networks

It was designed as a one off , but its fusion of key Artisans, and Media practitioners has made it a popular cultural event and ideas factory in the UK.

This year I was one of the speakers at DeMontford University's Cultural eXchange and here reflect on the experience.

The man in the front seat looked resigned, while nodding his head.

And then 10 minutes later it happened again, this time accompanied by a mild chuckle.

"Sorry", I asked politely, "er is it something I have said".

Truthfully could it be anything else, but you have to love British sensibilities for broaching what might be a sticky wicket.

"No", he replied, "it's funny, you're saying exactly what I have said in my thesis I'm about to hand in, and now no one is going to believe that it was my original thought".

Bummer! I mused and kept going.

You wait for one bus, then three come along at the same time. Transmediation, a colleague of mine would say. I still don't get it, but apparently we're all, at some point criss crossing each other in taking in the same thoughts.

You could almost argue, original thoughts are few and far between.

In a sizeable lecture room housing around fifty people, a hundred and twenty miles north of London, I'm delivering a lecture tailored to an eclectic gathering.

A quick observation indicates differential interests: students, lecturers, TV personnel, the public and one Dean I would later discover.

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