Thursday, April 24, 2008

Videojournalism wanted

Just got a message on my phone from a national broadcaster with a project for a VJ that involves three continents.

Sadly, I can't do it - other commitments so if you're a VJ based in the UK and up for it, drop a comment with a link back to your work and I'll have the producer look it over or if you want privacy email david(at)

My guess cuz of the travel etc, you're going to have to be experienced. One of the locations is in an African state where filming on the street attracts the wrong sort of attention and could get you easily arrested.

Also you're most likely be working with a producer, and ex producer back in London, so you'll have tobe good at taking and executing briefs.

It'll probably be exciting and hair raising and pay decently - though I don't have any figures.

Go on. You'll dine out on this for years

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