Monday, April 14, 2008

How might the web/journalism look in years to come?

I posed the question to second year journalism undergrads and the replies were:

  • It'll be a 3d virtual world
  • You'll be able to talk to the device/platform to call up your request
  • It won't be the web at all said Graham, but something completely different.

    We looked at three methods for predicting the future

  • Trend extrapolation
  • The Adelphi procedure
  • Modelling and Simulation

    I then asked whether TV will disappear
  • Many said yes, but countered with what the definition of TV per se.

    TV has the magical power of being a social coming together tool, the equivalent of an electronic camp fire.
    Thus far the net is a personalised asset.
    What should give to change the way we react with the medium?

    And so it went......

    Anonymous said...


    Thank you once again for coming in to speak with us! It certainly was insightful!

    I've tried to expand upon what was discussed and my visions, in on my blog!

    Anonymous said...

    Thanks also for Monday, and also thank you for commenting my blog. Hope you have a fun Thursday.