Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Er, so what exactly is videojournalism - snap shot

Broadly, there are two styles at the moment: made for TV; and a more gonzo approach, but as it matures and as we will see globally different genres and styles emerging.

So I was at this lunch put on for Alumni of Demontford University and a couple of the guests not working in the media asked the question.

So what is a videojournalist?

And d'you know what I gasped inside.

No, not because I was tongue tied, but we often get caught in this bubble where the people we meet don't need a lexicon to comprehend our media giberish, that we forget KISS. Keep it simple stoopid.

So I got home and rifled through my files. They've grown and as each expounds a future like a contemporary Columbus, a receding number of my articles talk about it in first principles.

So here's a rough guide, a videojournalismlanding page which answers and talks about quite swiftly what this strange thing is. Do email me etc, it comes in handy and I'll compile the Multimedia, podcast and Web Comms sections at some point.

The sections include: what is Videojournalism, Popular vids on Viewmag, which includes international award winners such as Dutch Ruud Elemendorp amd German Stephen Bachheimer. Some of the popular viewmag.blogspot posts, such as the journalism decree and common newspaper mistake in videojournalism, and then tit bits on making and dare I say a future of videojournalism - all in one place.

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