Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Frenzied activity

The indefatigable Jeff Jarvis of Buzzmachine.com and Prof at CUNY makes me want have regressive therapy and become a 19 year old again.

We've crossed paths a couple of times and I interviewed him a while back at the WeMedia conference in the UK. And I'm hoping we'll catch up [ we're throwing balls in the air] when I'm in Chicago and NY.

Here's Jeff

Meanwhile what is Current Affairs and documentary making? Continued musings at the BBC after Tim Samuels, mega RTS award-winning film maker behind The Zimmers..

If this debate breaks free of the TV Land, then it could have interesting bent for new dv/ video journalist film makers. Is it popualr journalism without teeth which brings in an audience or is it the paradigm in engaged journalism - a sort of gonzo that has the presenter and treatment become overwhelming stars?

Later today Adrian Monck, professor at City University lanuches his book, "Can you Trust the Media". Adrian's piece in the Guardian is a must read as he puts a couple of things, often taken for granted, into perspective.

Still working on the education- journalism set of articles with some interesting stuff coming up. Too little hours in a day

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