Sunday, May 03, 2009

The video journalists Manifesto-redux soon

The video journalists Manifesto.-redux soon

Q. In 1994 the UK launched its first thirty Videojournalists, then about fifteen every three months to 1998, when the station folded. So where are they and why haven't we heard about them? Next month I interview the man who convinced the papers to part with $50m UKPs for the venture.


1. I am a video journalist: I crave creativity, loathe that which is predictable. It is my job to look for truth.

2. I can move alone in any terrain. Experience is my blanket. Swarming (groups of Vjs coming together) increases my range.

3. I will be told by those who believe they know best that it can't be done. I must accept that they don't understand my job, my limitations. Nothing is impossible.

4. When they look at a blank piece of paper they see nothing, when I look at a blank canvas, I see the orgins of motion graphics, film and information coming together.

5. I start a dialogue. My packages can be open ended, begging further questions and dialogue. My work is never done. Each thread leads into a new tapestry of ideas and dialogue, which I relish. Herein lies the possibilities of deep video linking.

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