Monday, May 18, 2009

The Interview

What is videojournalism? An extension of news' semiotic or a new language for video story telling?

This was written in 2000

"Videojournalism is an advance on television news production - a shift away from the predictable appproach television has stuck to doggedly since its inception.

It is next generation television: story telling in which you are not be bound by the many constraints of traditional news production.

As a movement the form merges a graphical and photojournalistic stanza; a poster cover depiction of the moving image, where each shot matters, each shot counts.

If Capa lived to capture images on light weight, hi-tech cameras, he'd be the classic videojournalist and his dictum that if you're not close enough you haven't got the shot would still count."

But how much has changed since? The interview - an informal idea - is based on the simple premise of sharing. This week I'll post the first, in which Rob Chiu an amazing motion graphics and film making meets Ken Walker, an artist who plays with large scale. Here's a trailer

And from that interview being documented are kernals of knowledge that inform a new craft, one which can only enhance our understanding of visual form by critquing that which exists before us.