Friday, May 22, 2009

Manic Media Mondays through week

What a week it's been.

Which is why shattered as I am, I can't bloody sleep again, so took to writing more about digital media advancing ideas that Apple Pro profiled of my work way back when - actually 2006.

Sounds so dated now, that's the speed at which we're imploding. Any wonder when the cream of the UK's TV industry got together two days ago to discuss whether TV was in crisis, what they couldn't answer was: Er, what happens in five years time?

I have a dream. Sorry Mr King. I have a dream, an under ambitious one, but as I sit down and write towards theories on video, it is the next phase of story telling.

We have surpassed the paradigm of the DIY journalist or All Platform journalist, coined by CNN. The new paradigm is of a new semiotic for the digital age. It may be one we're yet to understand, so in its infancy, you could poo poo it.

I often refer to the idea of designing video, rather than shooting. And then some, because, then the video is not enough, which was the talk at SXSW.

So the week in 15 seconds.

Fabulous big ups to one of our Masters students, Laura, whom when she posts her story I'll provide the links.

But at our get together yesterday of past and present she regaled us with a jaw-dropping story of how at 9.30, trying to get an interview with Joanna Lumley campaigning for the Gurkas to have the right to stay in the UK, by 12.oo she, Laura, yep, was in Downing street with Lumley.

OMG. How she got passed Downing Street Security, should in itself win Young journalist of the year.

Then Deniel Buxton from the class of 2004 swept us away. She picked up a Sony silver Award for a series of programmes she produced called "Black in the USA"- ( have i go this right!)


The Sony awards are the equivalent to the Oscars for radio - there!

Andrew Otto - one of our Maters students took the most extraordinary pics of the creme of british broadcasting and in particular the BBC. Whilst Alberto probably went insane blogging.

( I'll go look for the links)

Met an actor and news reader yesterday, Sandy who has the most extraordinary one woman show, which I want to. I need to film. Its called Correspondent and profiles a moral dillemma story of a correspondent who's actions and reportage have deep consequences.

Wait, I haven't finished!

But I have got to dash now, so I'll pick this up later. First batch of RSS reads