Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Things just fall in place

This from Rob of theronin.co.uk who I'm a big fan.
This is Graphic motion design of a quality you'll rarely see anywhere else. If you're a film buff, graphics student, video journalist enthusiast, an arm chair TV addict, or hairy monster, enjoy and spread the good visuals. The narrator is his little 4 year old. Pure pure Genius.

*Things Fall Apart*

Says Rob
"Motion collective Devoid of Yesterday (consisting of directors Rob
Chiu of The Ronin and Chris Hewitt of Dstrukt) team up alongside
audio designer Ben Boysen (Hecq) for a new short narrative led piece
that explores a child's pent up anger and frustration that erupt in a
force that marks the end of innocence. Sometimes... things just fall

Created over a three week period and previewed at the ICA in London
the 2 minute piece has been picked up for distribution by Autour
DeMinuit and is to be featured on the BBC Film Network website.
Hope you all enjoy and feedback much appreciated!"

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