Sunday, June 03, 2007

People are creative White Paper Syndrome

A broadcast network station head, an old friend emailed to ask if I could put together a proposal for future TV. I'm off again, the kid in the classroom staring out into space as the teacher barks David. Quite how nature works is beyond me, but that same day, a future TV conference emailed asking if I was interested in presenting at one of their conferece during the summer, so this weekend I let go. As usual, these are private views not atributable to my place of work. wada wada wada.

On viewmag you'll find the first installment. Let me know what you think. I'm going walkies below again, or at least my mind is. What is it these things we do that we often have to justify!

Evolution is inevitable. revolutions, conflict to unseat the status quo are often a last resort.

Whatever we do, we continually strive to better ourselves. We see a blank piece of paper and we want to scribble. At some point we'll lose the ability to be nonchalent about what we do.

Structures form around us, hierarchies, a group dynamic - we learn to fit in and in so doing see a blank piece of paper and think we're not worthy of scribbling any longer. We've acknowldged our imperfections

At school we'll learn we're not like anyone, because within our circle of friends and sphere we will find we're unique. Those that are good, get better; those lacking confidence meet further despair.

Some of us will be imbued by a sense of passion from which will develop resolve. You can't destroy passion. Fortitude becomes our default, irrespective of what anyone thinks about us, we do what we do. badaboom.

You want to become a scribe - just write. You want to become a snapper, just take pictures, but remember you can be a jack of all trades but a master of none.

Then an enlightenng period dawns, we acquire better access to knowledge and then... then it's commodified... but this time we have the Net

Evolution is inevitable, revolution is encouraged. Rules were made by you, because frankly there are none, other than default behaviours which through modeliing and simulation, leaders in our group dynamic imagine what it will be.

It should only make sense, if you think it does. Learn the rules, set your sights then set about making your own.
See a blank piece of paper do what you feel you want to do. However you may feel within that limited circle need not be; online there are kith and kin. The Ghanaians take the vine of the plam wine tree and offer it to a youngen:

Break it

Then they add scores more, and watch your youthful zeal wrestle. It will not break, at least the conventional way. And that long solitary vine fold it a couple of times and it takes on extraordinary strength.

Everthing around you is a guide track for how difficult or easy it was for that person to get there. Whoever said you can be jack of all trades and master of none, was talking about themselves.

Be disruptive, but remember also to embrace chaos when it comes your way: do onto others what you want them to do to you. For soon after you've buit your own citadel, forces of change will arrive. Evolution is inevitable.

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