Thursday, June 07, 2007

Devoid of Yesterday

Rob Chiu does things that you wonder how on heaven's earth he does them. When I wan to be inspired, rob's site is where I go put my feet up. Actually I don't that much now as I pretty much have a mental library of the work on his site.

Rob and I go back some years. We met on the covers of a magazine called Computer Arts. He had his reel in one week and then mine the other. Reels are reels, but rob's was beyond belief.

His style is teutonic, a sort of David Finch meets Carson and Tony Scott. What he does with visuals will make you weep with joy and probably send you to amazon to buy a book on After Effects.

Yesterday he sent me the preview of his new piece. Gosh would I just love to sent it out, but er No. Embargoes are not meant to be broken.

There is a new space that video journalists could inhabit, mixing motion graphics with their skill for story telling. It gets wrapped up in something I call MI6: integrated multimedia.

The bar Rob sets is way high. On Black Day to Freedom, about refugees which he produced, curated and everything else, some of the most talented young designers around the globe gave freely their time. Hahaha he had me running around the woods behind my house with a sony tape attached to me, being pelted with rain, so we would get the right voice effects for his piece.

Anyway's what am I doing trying to encroach on his glory. Super.. superb. Go to his site and then again next week to catch his new piece.

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Anonymous said...

thanks dave :) really appreciate the kind words and always a pleasure working with you... site and film are now live over at