Friday, June 15, 2007

Brain dump

There I've logged it.. My one idea. Many people keep a note book with them, even by their side as the sleep. Though the best story I heard about detailing a good idea was when the person arose in the morning, cocksured of the night's fleeting scribble when the idea brewed, only to find the insignia on his note pad " Write down the big idea before you forget". Doh!

Some people have a dictaphone. I tried that but was too incoherent to remember what I meant. That's the trouble with loose unassociated thoughts. What works for me are mind maps. They're atomised structures that don't restrict interpretation.

So my small big idea - that does make sense. That looking back on tapes and interviews from 96 everything going on now more or less was predictable. Ok 2020 is a wonderful thing now. But more to the point, we are all creatures of game theory. We all want to play whether its tic tac toe or a more complex associated form of verbiage. It's culturally and genetically programmed into us. And at the point technology allows us to we'll colonise.

Across a plethora international news rooms they watch each other. Stalking, anticpating who's doing what and how. Often it can be less about story telling and more about The Game.

And the more we get good at it, the more assured we become moving around in small tight knit circles. It's poker. And then all of a sudden someone else wants to play, but you've never seen them at the table. Then another one. And in the end, so many people want to play that they form their own networks. Time for an evolutionary assimilation or revolution e.g Thomas Kuhn's paradigm

In game theory there's room for any number of permutations: win-win is an idealistic one, but truthfully that's not what's on the table. Our penchant to want to play more and more become ever so demanding.. so if we could glimpse how game theory might facilitate what we really wanted to do with the media back then in 96, what about now?

Where's my mind map now....Imagine a network where you shape the news. yes it's still a fixed time, but your time. Everything is finite. Correspondents engage through a visual medim e.g the web, tele, mobile about their findings. The reporter/ correspondent you so cherish has become the brand. I floated this idea at a talk to Christiane Amanpour.

Here is the news, 40 correspondents in windows you'll access. Yes its playtime. Our penchant to want to know is unwavering but now we have the people doing the "knowing" for us there to answer what we want.

On the day this really is the news market. Not too disimilar from how the agencies trade stories; new commodity brokers. In the 90s I worked at Worldwide televsion News. They supplied news stations. Could a set up furnish you and me?

Today I want to know everthing about Gaza. My network e.g. google news 5.x0 tracks down the reports across various ranked blogs and media outlets and assembles. Packaged news is so limiting, so my system tells me, a pod is about to be laid down. The middle east correspondents across BBC, ITN, ABC, CBS are on visual outenet answering what you need to know. Nah, I wanna watch it live.. hang on a minute James.

My interface has me watching the latest, responding in a cue, talking back to my mate James. Oh and wait there's a 10 second delay on the talk back. Already three users have been booted off by trying to make over zealous remarks.

A semantic web with voice tag recogntion sorts out the reports I need. Any report that includes the words e.g. how things got so bad" pops up.

Database news is the next big big thing with more advanced tag structures attached to chapters within the video ala itunes already.

So i have n idea when we get there... ( must come off these yellow pills) but it was a good game nonetheless.

Footnote: that was one hellavu dream

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