Wednesday, June 20, 2007


My isn't facebook becoming obsessive. I first heard about its addictiveness from Clyde Bentley, Associate Professor of Journalism at Missouri School of Journalism at Trust in the Media, San Antonio... oh a couple of years ago now. But then the BBC's all present media -techonology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones did a piece on it an by all accounts people are going around poking each other. Suits me, I like poking, so go ahead and poke.

Interesting day with senior Egyptian journalists here in the UK to learn some of our ways: hour and half of bloggs and video jour alism. Egypt less you've been in Guantanamo is pretty hard on bloggers, but the newspaper industry sees change and the use of technology.. so lets watch this space

100 days of Alan Johnston's incanceration. Share a monent to pray, meditate, look positively to the future. No one deserves this.

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