Friday, June 08, 2007

Be creative - go take a shower

But I can't I'm not creative.

So, I'm having this chat with this soon to be PHD, and it centres around creativity. I'll put the video up soon. But because of that I go for joggs now. No not because I want to jog per se, but to give my mind time to roam.

I get the same feeling diving. So what's going on? Two things: in a nutshell. Firstly, yes depending on what sort of person you are everyone has a creative zone. Could be morning noon or night. I was told find it and nuture it.

Secondly go fo runs, let your mind simulate the early periods breaking from sleep. And Finally, take showers. No not because you're unsavoury, but water it's a powerful elixir for the creative process.

In fact every employer should have showers in their company. Serious now, don't lower the tone now with those thoughts

So what are you waiting for. I've had five already :)

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