Sunday, June 17, 2007

BBC impartiality at risk says Guardian's Emily Bell

Fascinating piece providing an insight into a seemingly new trend at the BBC in which programmes made by the corporation are presented as news. Worth reading all the comments which add to the layers and indeed Emily Bell's response to blog poster the BBC's Kevin Marsh.

Journalism embraces a spectrum of grey which can often require bifocular vision to differentiate the grades; and what's good for some can easily be picked out by others. What makes it all the more "sticky" is that in the cauldron of web something zero (where are we now) the propensity to trial new approaches has to increase. Innovate or atrophy! And this time saying nothing - "Don't feed the trolls" Wiki's James Wales would say - is increasingly not cutting it.

Has the BBC got it right on this one or has Ms Bell found a flaw ? You decide here

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