Monday, August 02, 2010

The idea lab - China students

Its nearly 3 O'clock and we're 15 minutes away from presentations.

It's been another enjoyable period with Chinese undergrad students in the UK for 3 weeks.

I had them this afternoon for what I call a Matrix lecture - a multiple strand lecture involving documenting the production of ideas.

It's based on a theory that we need to be more illogical in the creation of ideas.

As a test, I usually on slide 10 of 20 have students line up a group of their friends. The line will be straight and involve some form of hiearchy.

Too logical I gently say afterwards. The next time around, someone had the students sit down on the floor in a circle. Artistic!

Wisdom of crowds and the nimbleness of a next generation illustrates we should let our young foster their ideas unfettered.

We, lecturers then curate these. It's not a hard and fast rule, but I do believe that we should give room to students to be more illogical, though not irrational.

I have got to get back to supervising the room, but hopefully we'll see the fruits of their creative ideas in a while.