Thursday, December 05, 2013

Nelson Mandela - The election, the fight and the resilience of South Africa

South Africa's finest hours: Nelson Mandela is free, Nelson Mandela is president. 

Between 1991 and 1994 I was based in South Africa, Johannesburg (Yeoville). I first visited the country in 1991, whilst working as a presenter producer on BBC London, where I interviewed South African embassy officials about Apartheid.

These three reports detail some of South Africa's finest hours involving Nelson Mandela

The inauguration of Nelson Mandela. It was electric. The whole country came to a standstill.

Violence grips South Africa. The Townships e.g. Soweto has become a conflict zone between ANC and Inkatha factions. This a report from Jo'burg and Durban on the violence. Its scary!

In 1991 I report for the BBC's internal magazine, whilst coming back to the UK to work on BBC Reportage.

It could have all gone wrong . Working for ABC News as an Associate Producer and freelancing for the BBC World Service a bomb explodes on the eve of South Africa's election. Could this be the ene of the dream?

David Dunkley Gyimah reporting from South Africa 1994 - on the eve of their historic election

Right wing groups attempt to destroy the elections. A bomb explodes in Johannesburg, killing people.

South Africa circa 92 - a pending election brings political violence to the front Nelson Mandela Tribute Concert 1990 Wembley - BBC Report with Peter Gabriel, Natalie Cole, Anita Baker, Neil Kinnock MP and Nelson Mandela.

South Africa keen to attract foreign investment hosts US secretary of state Ron Brown and delegation. The backdrop was the ANC's perceived anti-capitalist stance to business.

How doctors are travelling to South Africa for work. One of many reports from rural South Africa for the BBC World Service

My most memorable. BBC Radio 4 commission a one hour documentary. I call it the Successor Generation. It becomes the only international documentary report bought by the SABC and played on the eve of their election.  It features some of SA's emerging talent who are voting in their first election.

I will post that as a special tomorrow.