Saturday, December 07, 2013

EPIC VIDEOJOURNALISM We Are Syria - International Award Winning Videojournalist describes the process behind cinema as journalism in videojournalism

Filmmaking can often betray a lot of ignorance.  It is a language not in itself, but because its language has been created by remarkable people. Metz said this more eloquently.

In my six-year PhD, backed by interviews with experts including the great Robert Drew,  I'll explain some of the historical techniques that have shaped one of the most recent film forms - videojournalism.

I'll explain how in fact it is not new, but has the potential to be. I'll take you through different film making knowledge based on ideologies from different countries and demonstrate how we can be EPIC.

I'll prove how the industry intentionally reworked videojournalism into a traditional model to suit their needs. I'll show how audiences respond to the original forms of videojournalism.

This film, We Are Syria is about 15 extraordinary Syrian filmmakers. They are extraordinary because they are the hidden faces behind the news you see from Syria.

They put themselves in harms way to create films. Many have been tortured for what they do and do well.  And many would like to tell you what it means to be them. I was with them for a week near the Turkey-Syria border. In itself that is a story, but for the meantime here's the trailer We Are Syria.

The film is being made to be published by a potential international media publication. Any offers, meanwhile, will be welcomed.

About David
David Dunkley Gyimah is an international award winning videojournalist and Knight Batten Winner. He has been a journalist for 25 years working for BBC Newsnight, Channel 4 News and ABC News in 1994 in South Africa to name a few. Some of his work has been in  hostile territories. He completes his PhD in the future of news in 2014. David is behind the award-winning cinema journalism site ,This year David is chair of the jury for the RTS Awards into Innovation in Journalism. The UK equivalent of the EMMYs.

Pic below David's presentation pics beamed into Time Square from NY conference.