Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Revolutionise the form to be functional

Three events are running concurrently on my laptop and desk mac.

Each morning is a sprint, a brain dump of alpha wave thoughts to writing up chapters for research; form following function.

Some of the data is coming in, but it will be a series of ground hog days, which I must accept will drive me to watch birds flying an marvel how they do that.

I was at a China knowledge bank meeting earlier this week and shared my woes with Technology expert, the Guardian's Dr Aleks Krotoski whom chimed PhD, "oh yeah" ; hers she admitted still fresh in her mind. "Take time off when you finish", she advised.

My chapter on interviews for book has just been submitted for first drafts, slowly methodically they're taking shape.

The extreme difference, the writing style is utterly different and so I sit at my desk and look for the plug that says: "fluid and accessible" before hard wiring it into the base of my head. The Matrix, Oh yeah, t'is true. Form must follow function.

I'm midway into completing a film, which is one of my most ambitious in videojournalism as I can now push the form into enquiry mode, rather than the aesthetics of journalism which insist we close the argument.

The videojournalism shoot
The videojournalism shoot involved four cameras simultaneously fixed with different set ups. I know what I'm looking for, it's not superfluous.

Using After Effects, the front end animates around a visual theme not unlike that seen in Heroes. My vision is firm, but I have a second shoot for the flashforward sequence to work.

Meanwhile, a cold bead of sweat gathers on my forehead: I have a load of marking soon, Online and TV.

But if I'm really excited, it is the prospect articulated by the director of Southbank this week and the plans shaping up for next years epoch Festival of Britain.

To say its huge is an understatement, but I have so many ideas to feed in, that I have been scribbling furiously on train journeys in between Baudrillard and the next project, Cairo and China.

Time to get something to eat. Have I reached the stage when I must diarise that as well. Perhaps not, it has little do with form, however much to do with how I function