Friday, November 06, 2009

The DVcam blockbuster film marketed by you

By now you would have heard the hype, but the back story of a movie compared to its earlier pioneers: Blair Witch, El Mariachi, Night of the living Death is equally riveting.

It's a film just about any film buff could make. For it contains no high explosives, gore or special effects that would dent your pocket.

For 10,000 dollars this years juggernaut rolling Paranormal Activity will make millionaires out of its distributors, producers and hopefully its 39 year old former video games designer called Oren Peli.

The journey of the film goes way back. It's origins deep in Blair Witch itself circa 1999. But recently it took off from a frightening screening, which itself has become part of the marketing strategy and the film's trailer.

Not bad for a film with a three-person crew, two actors paid 500 dollars each ( I trust they negotiated a share of profits) and a seven day shoot, which was then edited on a home PC.

Reported in the Times newspaper, the film was sent to Spielberg, who promptly sent it back convinced it was jinxing activities in his own home. This, yes, is said to be a true story.

However Spielberg became a fan.

What makes the film work is a combination of good old fashion film making reminiscent of Hollywood classic e.g. the Exorcist, Matilda, Hammer horror.

The emotiveness of film and suspense that Hitchcock knew so well, but its also a child of our time, with the shimmer cuts and floating camera angles.

But by far the best ploy is how fans can demand the picture be shown in their own city, by going to the website. That's a stroke of genius, which other producers are watching with baited breath to see if they can replicate for their own offerings.

Watch out sadly for the hordes of films to follow, but this is a film whose life has only just begun and will be the source of many articles and film studies.

It could have been made by anyone, but walking the talk is a far different act and DV film makers have a lot to be thankful for to Mr Peli.

This could be the start of something good, or even terrifying for that matter