Sunday, November 01, 2009

Collision - ideas that happen

For a fortnight in the new year, South Banks artists in residence will be involved in an event called Collision.

Simply, it is an amazing concept, not unlike my PhD interdisciplinary programme, but different in that the talent have been picked to contribute to this giant brain-of-an-event.

If I could ever formulate a new filming technique then it would be that week.

I mention in because we're starting the pre-planning at the South Bank and I can't wait.

Meanwhile I'm closer to debunking and refining my own thoughts of video storytelling and long format writing, through videojournalism and design.

Some of that is finding itself onto where I'm redesigning and streamlining the content, almost in a curatorial fashion. I'm hoping to present some ideas to South bank in a couple of weeks, particularly the Z principle and Jacque Ranciere's influence.

Research Plan
Part of my research involves some key figures across Europe and I'm glad to say they have agreed to be part of the data research.

I'll be adopting an interpretive and constructivist epistemology, so if you'd like to be involved and you're from Australia, Asia, the US or anywhere, please drop me a line and we'll have a chat.

At heart it's about producing a methodology of pedagogical value (hopefully)