Friday, October 02, 2009

Tweeting to meet up cosily.

You dirty bunny. Bunny gets too cosy at London's Cosytweetup - a social gathering of twitters.

At the bar, Jason hunched over his drink, then faked that busy look staring into his drink as he drew for his phone. Yuk! One of those long evenings aheads.

But this being 2009, no need to suffer in silence. Why not tweet a friend.

"Anyone here that knows Retropmq?"

And that was it. Minutes later Jason was approached by a few other tweeters who he'd swapped ts with.

Sounds familiar?

Yesterday courtesy of my mate @Illico at Reuters I attended his joint friend Tweet get together cosytweetup.

It's a simple yet effective idea. Twitters who have built up a friendship albeit online finally meet as sentients and the obvious difference is as soon as you walk through the room, half a dozen people make you feel welcome.

Made some new friends yesterday. No need to stare into those drinks anymore. See #cosytweetup for more info