Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mashing DNA Gentic Fingerprint with videojournalism -recent twitters

Recent Tweets

Bit freaky but wonder if you can spot it. Embedded my DNA genetic finger print code into work. Big UK story behind the code. May tell soon

Meanwhile one insane story I've posted. How a client rang me and requested an Ad be made to air on CNN Int. within 24 hrs. What would u do?

Race and Intel with Rageh Omar reveals an obvious yet hardly discussed find. Will repost a vid story on Digital Diversity - winners & losers

Two cracking progs on C4. How food manufacturers lace our cereal with sugar and salt. There's so much sugar in Bran Flakes. And race & intel

It might look like a film with cuts from BBC, Channel 4, and Indies- Drama Videojournalism with score by Steve Cooney on www.viewmagazine.tv