Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Yeah - now that's what I'm talking about

What's always wowed me about film sites is the quality of picture from the compressed output. Have a look at Bourne Ultimatum to see what I mean.

Obviously it's shot on film with quality far far superior than DV, but we can touch that void. One way is to shoot using the HDV format if you're using any of the prosumer cams 10800i wide angle - which also gives that neat cine-wide look.

Export with the H.264 codec applying just about enough compression above 800 k. Then run it again through Flash 8's excellent codec for high end video and you should maintain the integrity with the outcome of small file size.

It is an art form, so there is no one size fits all, but play around within the aformentioned and soon not only will you be selling that script with a jaw dropping aesthetic. For 8 days, I was able to reduce the film from 3.1 gb to about 34mb prompting our senior mac technician to say below.

This is an IM6 film.. click pic.. whose compression I'm also pleased wtith.

Comment by: Robert Ojok -
David this is really great considering the size of the file and the compression. The quality is great even the sound is very audible.

Incidentally 8 Days wasn't shot HD but Judge the results for yourself.

Thanks to the World Editor's Forum for the article they published today called Videojournalism: How-to implement it and why newspapers can beat TV

Honestly I didn't use the word: "ignorant", but thanks to Jean Yves Chainon for allowing me to shed some thoughts on the subject.

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