Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Tao of TV

About to post a video of me reporting on London's commercial TV Network. It's a finance and got me thinking about a myriad things.

This week the BBC held out an olive branch to newspaper publishers saying it would accept their footage, presumably alluding more favourably to "local TV"

The deal is this. The BBC with is division of video journalists has spotted a tier lower than regional TV to sell its wares. The same has been made of ITV.

Local TV is set to become a battle ground for eyes and advertising. The latter is something the BBC has no worries over, but that leaves local newspapers apoplectic with rage.

Eyes = advertising. The piece I'm posting says that much. Big sponsors now have music events firmly sowed into the corporate strategy. To have you brand flown across Glastonbury et al guarantees the ad team get the wink of approval from the CEO.

The newspapers have gone on their own offensive. Meanwhile ITN multimedia brand ( a quiet evolution) continues to grow and its online sites - localising their reach - are caching and pushing their assets.

So I'm back to video again. I'll deconstruct this for media students in the context of how video journalism may have approached this later. But meanwhile here goes. There's a bigger story in this.

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Michael Scott said...

David sounds very exciting indeed and obviously the research must back the notion local TV is worthwhile. Only thing is I cant see why the BBC dont simply source the material from a local newspaper person who has been trained as a VJ maybe as part of a BBC link-up scheme. This would allow benefits to both local newspapers, who would not be put under more competition than they are already are, and allow the BBC to have reporters who already have the field knowledge at no extra cost. Also the BBC could then have an upcoming source of VJ's they can promote if both sides are willing.

On a separate issue can you clairfy what you meant by the media and science presentation you think I should try? did you mean the science of the media as in the tech the media uses or a science in the media piece? Or is this one of those Archimedes moments where I shout Eureka from your guidance and get it myself?