Thursday, November 02, 2006

Spies within us

A sample of David's DNA mashed up

My family did no wrong, but the question is are we on the national DNA database? For within the realms of science fiction meets science fact we are project beta - the first use of DNA finger printing outside of a criminal case.

The first deployment of this forensic science was a criminal case. The second, and the fist time it was used to prove a custody case Sarbah vs Regina (the state) was my family.

So should this DNA print now exist in the police's vast ID bank. No! Do I know it exists there? No. In any case it shouldn't.

There is a wider debate fashioning and one that I remember from a conference in Leicester a decade plus ago featuring Baroness Warnock et al

You've been Goggled
Google surpassing ITV and Channel 4 News. Proof of the reach of the net ( some "@£%!! luddites are still dismissing it). There is a future waiting for us that melds tele, no video vision on the net and myspace + is about to come closer to that.

That much I'll be writing about in an open discusion piece for the UK press Gazette in a fortnight's time

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David Heathfield said...

Wouldn't it be possible to find out whether your DNA is being held on record under a combination of the freedom of information act and the data protection act? Whether you be able to get them to destroy the record is another matter...