Monday, February 27, 2012

Advance Storytelling and video journalism on's summer programme

Make cinema, multimedia and videojournalism like you see on

What it is about story telling and video? For years on end, someone else, the professionals did it. They told us their stories, brought us the news, sold us their ideas through promos and commercials.

Then, video became almost as common as writing. Anybody could do it. Online viewers showed they liked funny videos, and we would record those odd moments for anyone's five minute attention.

Video, the assumption is made isn't that difficult. We press a button and record what we see. But video or film is more than the eye beholds, creating a video is more than seeing what you see.

Like anything, language in particular, there is a craft. Some people say in one sentence what would take us five. Others are poets, they capture a mood which fills our head like weights.

In video or film, we follow a deeply rich heritage of communicators. They are directors, producers, assistance, and enthusiasts, who've learned something really special about the language of film and video.

This language is multifarious. You could come from the same country yet feel the person speaking to you is alien because of their dialect.

Language is not fixed and neither is video. Which is why there's no one size fits all.

The fundamentals of any language, its syntax, are the same. How eloquent you become depends on many more things.

What's training programme does is bring this into sharp focus.

How the many professionals accomplish their ends, and then reaching the heights of cine-videojournalism's language.

It is in either of these or the many forms of video as cinema where we can woo people, make our message stick, tell utterly compelling stories.

It's doable, but it takes a deep understanding of your needs, those of your audience and the video maker. That's what's training programme offers.

And its sucess has been proven, through our work with the UK Press Association, and the training of the hundreds of people.

The summer programme focuses the individual on tangible outcomes, coupled with a deep understanding of the foundations, in which I pull together elements from my doctoral research which focuses on artistry and the moving image.

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See you in summer.