Friday, October 28, 2011

Redux Enigma of Newer Video Making

My colleague does a lot of in-world stuff. It's the basis of his doctoral study. And me? Anything that mixes disciplines. So when he started talking about avatars, I could see how I could pull various elements of my archive and new footage together to produce this piece.

What's fascinating me is how the illusion of film can be taken various steps into other illusions e.g. meta verse to explain a reality. It's been a long standing device of one form or another for film makers e.g. flashbacks.

Sometimes the illusion of events says more about our perception of the world even when we're film watching: Citizen Kane, Jacobs Ladder and Inception to name a few. A pending artist in residence projects for the Southbank Centre focuses on this - a series of shorts about thoughts and anxiety,  rather than reality of anxiety itself.