Thursday, October 28, 2010

The future of something and some

Just past midway in Phd week and I'm back to sleepless nights.  

Ideas about ideas. Even as I sleep, I can hear how noisy my thoughts are. If I say I'm having an "inception" moment, you'll understand.

There are now micro level knowledge knots I'm untangling, or at least trying to.

What is it that seperates one person from being visually creative from another?  Does psychoanalayses or arnheims school of Gestalt have the answers.

The relenting probing into questions like this have set of  a country of academics over the years to investigate in one guise or another.

Often at surface level it makes little sense. Jumbled, jargon-riddled words on a page: Verisimilitude, Libidinal space,  hyper reality and Haecceity.

Academic fisty cuffs- one of the last bastions of knowledge where entry, if that's what you want into this knowledge pod requires you to demonstrate critical thinking.

What does it mean to think of a neoaesthetic or an anti-aesthetic or that there is a pre-discurvity towards emotion?

Often  we watch a movie, a film and make utterances of how much we liked it. We may even breakdown the film into its components; that scene and this one, and so on.

And on the back of that, we then attempt to describe why, because the bottom line is simple and evident for us all. We all want to find a way that helps us formulise how we do something and do it well.

It's what or partly why we're all still learning; going to varisity, or in that job.

Making films in your sleep
The Net and film making is a deeply interesting field, especially since we're all film makers, but what wouldn't you do to be able to make a film like Ridly Scott?

There are big spaces we all occupy, and then there are the in-between spaces; tiny cracks, often not evident that a comparative few work in, understanding implicit choices in creating a creative film.

Can you learn this? Yes, but there comes a point when to differentiate yourself from the broad masses, we go into this ecosystem of deeper level thinking. You don't need to know what those words e.g. Verisimilitude mean, but you're now occupying that space.

You know it, cuz a friend looking at your stuff has just called it "deep", "crazy", or wow.

But to get there, you often engage in your own fight club. There aren't many creatives I know who don't fight those demons.

To get to that space, be prepared to go mad. To get to that space, be prepared to entertain those alien words. To get to that space know that sleepless nights are part of the transaction.

And then, when you get to that space, be aware that it's not there. It's beyond that, because no matter how hard you might try, its fleeting and then moves on.

And then, like an idea, like sleep, you're awake again in the real world.

It's 6.31 time to get up - I can hear the alarm going