Friday, April 09, 2010

Behind the scenes with Riz Khan - Al Jazeera

Riz Khan was in town so I popped by to catch up with him; he's normally based in Washington, and see how his show is put together. I'll post that at a latter date.

But the interview with him was pretty funny, talking about some of the people who call him up to be on the show.

One thing that's not so known about Riz is he's a digerati - the consummate digi aficionado. He's show One on One with a number of celebrities, involves a three camera shoot using Sony ZXs.

And he's an avid photographer with a D7

I still recall a TDB ( till day break) we did in early 2000 when he'd made a film on the Haj and it needed to be on the BBC World Service the next day.

I'm a bit gutted. Riz is interviewing Annie Lennox tomorrow and asked if I'd like to come and sit in. Grrrr I have a previous engagement.

Anyhow's how The Riz Khan show is made and interviews shortly :)

Frame grabs from my JVC GY100 video camera